The Fall of Neskaya


The Fall of Neskaya is a science fantasy novel by American writers Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross, part of the Darkover series. Set in The Hundred Kingdoms time period, the book is the first in a three-novel series subtitled The Clingfire Trilogy. The Fall of Neskaya is followed by Zandru's Forge, which take place about 25 years later.The books in The Clingfire Trilogy explore, by analogy, the concept of mutually assured destruction and the use of chemical weapons whose consequences are beyond the control of the user. Bradley's "Compact" gives the Darkovans a way out of this trap through a moral agreement to abjure any weapons that do not place the users within arms' reach of each other (i.e. swords and knives). This development in Darkover's social order and its author, Varzil the Good, is referenced in most of the earlier and later books, but had not been fully explored before this trilogy. Damian Deslucido and his brother, Rumail, exhibit a Macbeth-Lady Macbeth relationship: Rumail's raw ambition drives his rather hollow brother to excesses of power that he would not have sought on his own, and ultimately destroys both of them. The story of the Deslucido brothers is told as an old legend in Dorothy J. Heydt's "The Wind Man" in the 1993 Darkover anthology Towers of Darkover, though the surname is not explicitly mentioned.
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part of the series: Darkover series
original title: The Fall of Neskaya
language: English
date of publication: 2001
genre: fantasy literature, science fiction novel
follows: Stormqueen!
followed by: Zandru's Forge

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