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Isaac Alfasi

Talmudist and posek.

1013   -   1103

country of citizenship: Almoravid dynasty
language of expression: Hebrew
occupation: rabbi, writer, Posek
student of: Nissim ben Jacob, Chananel ben Chushiel

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Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi ha-Cohen (1013–1103) (Hebrew: ר' יצחק אלפסי‎, Arabic: إسحاق الفاسي‎) - also known as the Alfasi or by his Hebrew acronym Rif (Rabbi Isaac al-Fasi), was an Algerian Talmudist and posek (decider in matters of halakha - Jewish law). He is best known for his work of halakha, the legal code Sefer Ha-halachot, considered the first fundamental work in halakhic literature. His name "Alfasi" means "of Fez" in Arabic, but opinions differ as to whether he ever lived in Fez.
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Hilchot HaRif

Recopilation of jewish rabbinical laws written by the Rabbi Isaac Alfassi.

author: Isaac Alfasi

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