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The Hunt for Red October


The Hunt for Red October is the debut novel by Tom Clancy, first published on October 1, 1984 by the Naval Institute Press. It depicts Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius as he seemingly goes rogue with his country's cutting-edge ballistic missile submarine Red October, and marks the first appearance of Clancy's most popular fictional character Jack Ryan, an analyst working for the Central Intelligence Agency, as he must prove his theory that Ramius had intended to defect to the United States. The book was loosely inspired by the mutiny on the Soviet frigate Storozhevoy in 1975.The Hunt for Red October launched Clancy's successful career as a novelist, especially after then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan remarked that he had enjoyed reading the book. A namesake film adaptation was released on March 2, 1990, and several computer and video games based on the book have been developed. Since then, the book has become instrumental in bringing the book genre of techno-thriller into the mainstream.
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part of the series: Ryanverse
series ordinal: 4
original title: The Hunt for Red October
language: American English
date of publication: 1984
genre: novel, techno-thriller
main subject: Cold War, nuclear submarine
narrative location: Atlantic Ocean, The Pentagon
characters: Jack Ryan, Bart Mancuso
follows: Red Rabbit
followed by: The Cardinal of the Kremlin


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