Devil's Guard


Devil's Guard, by George Robert Elford published in 1971, is the story of a former German Waffen-SS officer's string of near-constant combat that begins on World War II's eastern front and continues into the book's focus—the First Indochina War, as an officer in the French Foreign Legion. The book is presented by the author as nonfiction but considered to be untrue by military historians, and usually sold as fiction. In 2006 the online bookstore AbeBooks reported that it was among the 10 novels most frequently sold to American soldiers in Iraq (the only war fiction in the top 10, in fact).The constant justification of SS measures, compared to those perpetrated by the Soviets—as well as the almost-unbelievable fighting ability of the characters—has led some critics to denounce Devil's Guard as Neo-Nazi propaganda. The book's tone offers a direct and straightforward explanation for the state of affairs along the eastern front with the narrator using the threat of Communism to justify security measures during the war.
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date of publication: 1971
main subject: World War II

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