Dragons of Flame


Dragons of Flame is the second module in the first major story arc in the Dungeons & Dragons Dragonlance series of game modules. It is one of the 14 Dragonlance adventures published by TSR between 1984 and 1986. Its cover features a painting by Jeff Easley depicting Tasslehoff Burrfoot peering at a red dragon and Verminaard of the Dragonarmies of Ansalon. Kapak Draconians make their debut in this module; Aghar and Baaz Draconians from Dragons of Despair return as featured creatures. The locations featured in this module are Qualinost and the Sla-Mori, a secret passage between Qualinesti and Pax Tharkas. The same player characters (PCs) from Dragons of Despair are available again, with their character sheets reflecting that they have each increased a level from the previous adventure. Tika becomes a playable character at the end of chapter six, and Gilthanas, a new character, becomes playable at the end of chapter eight. Laurana, who becomes a playable character in DL6 Dragons of Ice, makes her debut in this module.
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date of publication: 1984

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