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Dutiya Yazawin


Dutiya Maha Yazawindawgyi (Burmese: ဒုတိယ မဟာ ရာဇဝင်တော်ကြီး, pronounced [dṵtḭja̰ məhà jàzəwɪ̀ɴdɔ̀dʑí]; lit "Second Great Chronicle") is the second official chronicle of Konbaung Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar). The continuation of Hmannan Yazawin, the Second Chronicle as it was commonly known adds the official record of the events between 1821 and 1854 including the two disastrous wars with the British.
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part of the series: Burmese chronicles
language: Burmese
date of publication: 1869
genre: chronicle
follows: Hmannan Yazawin
followed by: Konbaung Set Yazawin

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