Elements of Dynamic


Elements of Dynamic is a book published by William Kingdon Clifford in 1878. In 1887 it was supplemented by a fourth part and an appendix. The subtitle is "An introduction to motion and rest in solid and fluid bodies". It was reviewed positively, has remained a standard reference since its appearance, and is now available online as a Historical Math Monograph from Cornell University. On page 95 Clifford deconstructed the quaternion product of William Rowan Hamilton into two separate "products" of two vectors: vector product and scalar product, anticipating the complete severance seen in Vector Analysis (1901). Elements of Dynamic was the debut of the term cross-ratio for a four-argument function frequently used in geometry. Clifford uses the term twist to discuss (pages 126 to 131) the screw theory that had recently been introduced by Robert Stawell Ball.
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