Beyond the Blue Event Horizon


Beyond the Blue Event Horizon is a science fiction novel by the American writer Frederik Pohl, a sequel to his 1977 novel Gateway and the second book in the Heechee series. It was a finalist for two major annual awards, the 1981 Hugo Award for Best Novel and the 1980 Nebula Award. In the 1981 poll of Locus readers (Locus Award) it finished second to The Snow Queen by Joan Vinge.The novel tells the story of Robin Broadhead after he makes a fortune on his one successful trip in an advanced alien Heechee spaceship, lives very comfortably. He finances an expedition to a Heechee "food factory" in distant solar orbit, hoping that the family of four explorers can help the starving millions of Earth. He also hopes that they can unlock enough Heechee technology secrets to help him save his long lost lover Klara. The food factory expedition leads where no one expected--an ancient, gigantic space station, named Heechee Heaven, which changes the human understanding of the Heechee race forever.
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part of the series: Heechee Saga
original title: Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
language: English
date of publication: 1980
genre: science fiction novel
main subject: space exploration, first contact

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