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Friedebert Tuglas

Estonian writer and critic

1886   -   1971

movement: neo-romanticism, literary realism, Symbolism
country of citizenship: Russian Empire, Estonia, Soviet Union
language of expression: Estonian, Finnish
educated at: Hugo Treffner Gymnasium
occupation: translator, literary critic, journalist, literary historian, writer
award received: Order of the Badge of Honour, Order of the Red Banner of Labour, Народный писатель Эстонской ССР, Friedebert Tuglas short story award

Friedebert Tuglas, born Friedebert Mihkelson or Michelson (2 March 1886 – 15 April 1971) was an Estonian writer and critic who introduced Impressionism and Symbolism to Estonian literature. Persecuted by the authorities in the beginning of 20th century, he later became an acknowledged representative of Estonian literature in the Soviet era.
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Felix Ormusson

novel by Friedebert Tuglas

author: Friedebert Tuglas


Kvin noveloj

book by Friedebert Tuglas

author: Friedebert Tuglas


Popi ja Huhuu

Friedebert Tuglase novell

author: Friedebert Tuglas


Maailma lõpus

book by Friedebert Tuglas

author: Friedebert Tuglas

Little Illimar

Friedebert Tuglase romaan

author: Friedebert Tuglas


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