Jean Hyppolite cover

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Jean Hyppolite

French philosopher

1907   -   1968

movement: postmodernism
country of citizenship: France
educated at: École normale supérieure, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences
occupation: linguist, translator, philosopher, professor
position held: director
student of: Alexandre Kojève
influenced by: Jean Cavaillès, Karl Marx, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Jean Hyppolite (January 8, 1907 – October 26, 1968) was a French philosopher known for championing the work of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and other German philosophers, and educating some of France's most prominent post-war thinkers. His major works include Genesis and Structure of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit and Studies on Marx and Hegel.
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Studies on Marx and Hegel

book about Karl Marx and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel by Jean Hyppolite

author: Jean Hyppolite

1955 or 1965

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