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Everything Bad Is Good for You


Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter is a non-fiction book written by Steven Johnson. Published in 2005, it is based upon Johnson's theory that popular culture – in particular television programs and video games – has grown more complex and demanding over time and is making society as a whole more intelligent. The book's claims, especially related to the proposed benefits of television, drew media attention. It received mixed critical reviews. Johnson states that he aims to persuade readers of “two things: By almost all the standards we use to measure reading’s cognitive benefits — attention, memory, following threads, and so on — the nonliterary popular culture has been steadily growing more challenging over the past thirty years. Increasingly, the nonliterary popular culture is honing different mental skills that are just as important as the ones exercised by reading books.
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date of publication: 2005
genre: novel
main subject: popular culture

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