Extremes is the second book in the Retrieval Artist series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The novels are situated at an unstated time in the future where humans have colonized many distant worlds. In addition, treaties with alien races allow for the extradition of humans to other worlds to stand trial. Since most of these extraspecies crimes carry a sentence of death, an industry has sprung up to hide these people. Those who vanish are called the Disappeared. Not everyone who disappears does so to hide from aliens' justice, some are hiding from human justice, others just want to escape from their past. Two professions have sprung up to find those people: Trackers and Retrieval Artists. Trackers, similar to bounty hunters, seek the disappeared and return them to justice, or to those willing to pay for them to be found again. Retrieval Artists also seek the disappeared, but instead of dragging them back to justice, are more often hired by lawyers seeking to have inheritances delivered (minus the sum it cost to find them). Frequently, retrieval artist are followed by trackers in order to find the individual being sought.
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original title: Extremes
date of publication: 2003
genre: science fiction
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