The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) is an Australian natural history and conservation organisation, the oldest of its kind in Australia. It was founded in May 1880 by a group of nature enthusiasts that included Thomas Pennington Lucas. Johann George Luehmann, Charles French, and Dudley Best.Since 1884 it has published a journal, The Victorian Naturalist, which is issued six times a year. Ferdinand von Mueller published many of his first descriptions in this journal, including Agapetes meiniana, Oldenlandia psychotrioides, Morinda hypotephra, Phyllanthus hypospodius and Wendlandia basistaminea. Currently there are eight special interest groups within the FNCV, these are Botany, Fauna Survey, Fungi, Geology, Juniors, Marine Research, Microscopy and Terrestrial Invertebrates. The club also has a Day Group. The FNCV is situated at 1 Gardenia St, Blackburn, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. A range of services is available for members including a bookshop. Since 1940 the FNCV has awarded the Australian Natural History Medallion to the person judged to have made the most meritorious contribution to the understanding of Australian Natural History. Past winners include: Alex Chisholm (1940), Helen Aston (1979), Jack Hyett (1985), and Richard Shine (2009). Source: Wikipedia (en)

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