Why I am a Hindu


Why I Am a Hindu is a 2018 book by Indian politician Shashi Tharoor. In the book, Tharoor writes about the history of Hinduism and its core tenets, as well as socio-cultural developments in India that relate to the religion, while elucidating his own religious convictions. Tharoor intended the book to be a repudiation of Hindu nationalism, and its rise in Indian society, which relied upon an interpretation of the religion which was markedly different from the one with which he had grown up, and was familiar with. In seeking to address this concern, he wanted to position the debate as one within the Hindu faith, and therefore wrote about his own personal identification with the religion.The book is segmented into two parts. In the first part, Tharoor offers a brief history of Hinduism, and the development of his own personal faith. In the second part, he traces the rise of modern Hindu nationalism in the form of the Hindutva movement.Kancha Ilaiah writing for The Caravan, wrote a scathing book review in which he questioned and punctured the theories put forth by Tharoor for praising Hinduism while being unaware of his own caste as a Shudra.
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date of publication: 2018

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