Al-Muhannad ala al-Mufannad


Al-Muhannad 'ala al-Mufannad (Arabic: المهند على المفند‎, lit. 'The Sword on the Disproved'), also known as al-Tasdiqat li-Daf' al-Talbisat (Arabic: التصديقات لدفع التلبيسات‎, lit. 'Endorsements Repelling Deceits'), was subsequently published in Urdu as 'Aqa'id 'Ulama' Ahl al-Sunna Deoband (The Beliefs of the Sunni Scholars of Deoband) is a book that expresses some of the beliefs held by the Sunni Hanafi Deobandis. It was authored by the Indian Hanafi-Maturidi hadith scholar and Sufi master Khalil Ahmad al-Saharanpuri (d. 1346/1927), who wrote a commentary on Sunan Abi Dawud, entitled Badhl al-Majhud.The book is not an independent book on creed, but rather a compilation of questions and answers which were asked by the Arab scholars at that time. These questions were sent to the Deobandi scholars by Husain Ahmad al-Madani, who was living in Medina, so Saharanpuri responded and answered them, and then these questions and answers were compiled into a book and were printed under the name of al-Muhannad 'ala al-Mufannad. Since most of these questions were related to beliefs, and in the correct jargon, were related to the branches which pertain to beliefs and the science of Kalam, it became published under the title of Mabahith fi 'Aqa'id Ahl al-Sunna (Arabic: مباحث في عقائد أهل السنة‎, lit. 'Discussions in the Beliefs of the People of Sunna').
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