Le baruffe chiozzotte


Le baruffe chiozzotte (Brawling in Chioggia) is a play by the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni, first performed at the Teatro San Luca in Venice in January 1762. It deals with the comic struggles between two groups of fishermen in the lagoon-mouth village of Chioggia brought on by the love affairs of the younger generation. Written in a dialect even more exotic than Venetian, the comedy is intensified by the presence of a hapless young Venetian official, who is helpless to enforce order on the sly inhabitants he is supposed to keep under control. In modern times, the play was revived at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano in 1962, in a production by Giorgio Strehler emphasizing the humanity and realism of Goldoni's script over the conventionally farcical elements. In 1966 the production was filmed for Italian television. A concert overture based on the play was composed by Leone Sinigaglia in 1907; it was a favorite of Arturo Toscanini. An operatic version by Franco Leoni also exists.
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original title: Le baruffe chiozzotte
language: Veneto
date of publication: 1762
genre: comedy
narrative location: Chioggia
published in: Venice

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