Frozen Fire


Frozen Fire is a philosophical thriller about the nature of reality by Tim Bowler. The novel was first published in 2006. It introduces a mysterious boy who wants to escape his unhappy life through suicide, and a fifteen-year-old girl who only wants her brother back from wherever he has disappeared to. Frozen Fire has won several awards. The back of the book reads: When Dusty gets the phone call from a mysterious boy she knows she can not ignore it. He seems to know something about the disappearance of her brother, Josh, which means that Dusty must find the boy no matter what. But when she does finally meet him, there is something strange and haunting about him. He can see people's thoughts, and feels everything – from chilling ice to white-hot pain... and he seems to have a hold over everyone he meets. There is talk in the town of the boy's past. Lynch mobs are out to get him. Dusty must help him and find out what happened to Josh. But when the mob turns on her, it is she, and not the boy, who is in the gravest danger.
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original title: Frozen Fire
language: English
date of publication: 2006
genre: young adult literature, novel


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