Gemini Knives


Gemini knives (ジェミニ・ナイヴ, Jemini Naivu) is a Japanese light novel series written by Hidefumi Kimura and illustrated by Keiji Gotoh with character designs by Megumi Kadonosono (collectively known as gímik) published by Gakken under the Megami Bunko label. The main characters are Cocoon (コクーン, Kokūn), a popular young idol, and her manager, Chrysalis (クリサリス, Kurisarisu). This work is just a cover, however, for their true role as agents of the G.M.B, or "Gambit". The first volume, subtitled C-File Girls (C列の少女たち, C-Retsu no Shōjo-tachi) and released on February 28, 2006, was originally serialised in Megami Magazine starting in the September 2005 issue, following a prologue published in the previous issue. A full colour pullout poster was included with each issue and reprinted in the novel. The second volume (which was not serialized), Girls' Game Board (少女たちの遊戯盤, Shōjo-tachi no Yūgiban), was released on December 29, 2006.
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date of publication: 2006
genre: science fiction

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