Genitality in the Theory and Therapy of Neurosis


Die Funktion des Orgasmus (The Function of the Orgasm) is a monograph about the ability to achieve orgasm published in 1927 by Sigmund Freud's follower Wilhelm Reich, later published in English as Genitality in the Theory and Therapy of Neurosis. In it, Reich proposed, based on his therapeutic experience and empirical studies, that orgastic potency should be used as a decisive criterion for mental health. Neurotic disorder, according to Reich, was always based on a more or less pronounced "orgastic impotence". According to Reich, if a man permanently unable to experience a "complete orgasm", it would cause a blockage of the libido, which would produce a variety of disorders. Reich saw the treatment goal of psychoanalytic treatment as the restoration of "orgastic potency". To achieve this objective, Reich further developed the psychoanalytic technique: first analysis of resistance, then character analysis, finally, to Vegetotherapy.
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original title: Die Funktion des Orgasmus: Zur Psychopathologie und zur Soziologie des Geschlechtslebens
date of publication: 1927
genre: psychoanalysis
main subject: neurosis

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