Péter Pázmány

1570 - 1637

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

country of citizenship:  Kingdom of Hungary
languages spoken, written or signed:  Hungarian

Péter Pázmány de Panasz, S.J. (Hungarian: panaszi Pázmány Péter, pronounced [ˈpɒnɒsi ˈpaːzmaːɲ ˈpeːtɛr]; Latin: Petrus Pazmanus; German: Peter Pazman; Slovak: Peter Pázmaň; 4 October 1570 – 19 March 1637), was a Hungarian Jesuit who was a noted philosopher, theologian, cardinal, pulpit orator and statesman. He was an important figure in the Counter-Reformation in Royal Hungary. Pázmány's most important legacy was his creation of the Hungarian literary language. As an orator he was dubbed "the Hungarian Cicero in the purple". In 1867, a street in Vienna, the Pazmanitengasse, was named after him. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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