Hans Pleydenwurff cover

photo credits: CC-PD-Mark

Hans Pleydenwurff

German artist

1420   -   1472

movement: German Renaissance
country of citizenship: Germany
occupation: painter

Hans Pleydenwurff (also Pleidenwurff; c. 1420 – 9 January 1472) was a German painter. His father was probably Kunz Pleydenwurff, a well-respected painter and part-time mayor in Bamberg. Since 1457, Hans lived in Nuremberg where he established a new style of realism, influenced by Northern Renaissance painters. He probably was a teacher of Michael Wolgemut. His son Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, born in 1460, operated with Michael Wolgemut for the woodcuts of Hartmann Schedel's Nuremberg Chronicle. Another son, Sebald, settled in Eisleben, his profession is unknown. Hans died at Nuremberg in 1472.
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