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Lakshminath Bezbarua

Assamese writer

1868   -   1938

country of citizenship: British Raj
language of expression: Assamese
educated at: University of Calcutta, City College, Scottish Church College
occupation: writer, playwright, poet, autobiographer

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Lakshminath Bezbaroa (Assamese: [lɔkʰminatʰ bɛzbɔɹuwa], 19 November 1864 – 26 March 1938), was an Indian poet, novelist and playwright of modern Assamese literature. He was one of the literary stalwarts of the Jonaki Era, the age of romanticism in Assamese literature when through his essays, plays, fiction, poetry and satires, he gave a new impetus to the then stagnating Assamese literary caravan.He responded to the prevailing social environment through his satirical works to bring and sustain positive changes to the former. His literature reflected the deeper urges of the people of Assam.
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Burhi Aair Sadhu

book by Laxminath Bezbarua

author: Lakshminath Bezbarua



historical play by Lakshminath Bezbarua

author: Lakshminath Bezbarua

Chakraddhaj Singha

historical play by Lakshminath Bezbarua

author: Lakshminath Bezbarua

Joymoti Kunwari

historical play by Lakshminath Bezbaroa

author: Lakshminath Bezbarua

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