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Houston Stewart Chamberlain

English author of books on political philosophy

1855   -   1927

country of citizenship: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Germany
language of expression: German
educated at: University of Geneva, Cheltenham College, Stubbington House School
occupation: racial theorist, writer, politician, philosopher, essayist

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Houston Stewart Chamberlain (; 9 September 1855 – 9 January 1927) was a British-born German philosopher who wrote works about political philosophy and natural science; he is described by Michael D. Biddiss, a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, as a "racialist writer". Chamberlain married Eva von Bülow, the daughter of composer Richard Wagner, in December 1908, twenty-five years after Wagner's death.Chamberlain's best known book is the two-volume Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts (The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century), published in 1899, which became highly influential in the pan-Germanic völkisch movements of the early 20th century and later influenced the antisemitism of Nazi racial policy. Indeed, Chamberlain has been referred to as "Hitler's John the Baptist".
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Un philosophe wagnérien ( 1900 )

uitgave van Houston Stewart Chamberlain

author: Houston Stewart Chamberlain

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