Billy Bat

Billy Bat (ビリーバット, Birī Batto) is a Japanese seinen manga series written by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki and illustrated by Urasawa. The series was announced in issue 45 of the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Morning in 2008, and its first chapter was released in the next issue of Morning on October 16, 2008 and the last chapter on August 18, 2016. The series was compiled into 20 volumes by Kodansha with the final volume published on September 23, 2016. Volume 1 was the fifth best selling manga volume in its week of release, selling over 145,000 copies in that week. In 2019, Urasawa stated that he has slight concerns about Billy Bat being published in English because "major animation or film studios could take offence, or maybe draw some non-existent similarities between my work and their work."The story begins in 1949 and follows Japanese-American comic book artist Kevin Yamagata as he draws the popular detective series "Billy Bat". When he learns he may have unconsciously copied the character from an image he saw while serving in occupied Japan, he returns to Japan to get permission to use Billy Bat from its original creator. Upon arriving there, however, he becomes embroiled in a web of murder, cover-ups, and prophecy that all leads back to Billy Bat. It is soon evident that the truth of Billy Bat's nature is far larger than Kevin could ever guess, spanning across millennia and the world. Kevin finds that The Bat is related to an ancient scroll which is said to enable anyone who possesses it to rule the world.
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language: Japanese
genre: thriller

1. Billy Bat - Tome 1

2. Billy Bat - Tome 2

3. Billy Bat - Tome 3

4. Billy Bat - Tome 4

5. Billy Bat - Tome 5

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