Herbert Marcuse cover

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Herbert Marcuse

German philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist

1898   -   1979

movement: Frankfurt School
country of citizenship: German Empire, Weimar Republic, United States of America, West Germany, Germany
language of expression: German, English
educated at: Harvard University, Columbia University, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Freiburg
occupation: philosopher, sociologist, political theorist, university teacher

Herbert Marcuse (; German: [maɐ̯ˈkuːzə]; July 19, 1898 – July 29, 1979) was a German-American philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist, associated with the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory. Born in Berlin, Marcuse studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin and then at Freiburg, where he received his PhD. He was a prominent figure in the Frankfurt-based Institute for Social Research – what later became known as the Frankfurt School. He was married to Sophie Wertheim (1924–1951), Inge Neumann (1955–1973), and Erica Sherover (1976–1979). In his written works, he criticized capitalism, modern technology, historical materialism and entertainment culture, arguing that they represent new forms of social control.Between 1943 and 1950, Marcuse worked in US government service for the Office of Strategic Services (predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency) where he criticized the ideology of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the book Soviet Marxism: A Critical Analysis (1958). After his studies, in the 1960s and the 1970s he became known as the preeminent theorist of the New Left and the student movements of West Germany, France, and the United States; some consider him the "father of the New Left".His best known works are Eros and Civilization (1955) and One-Dimensional Man (1964). His Marxist scholarship inspired many radical intellectuals and political activists in the 1960s and 1970s, both in the United States and internationally.
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Eros and Civilization

1955 book by Herbert Marcuse

author: Herbert Marcuse


One-Dimensional Man

1964 book by Herbert Marcuse

author: Herbert Marcuse


A Critique of Pure Tolerance

1965 book by Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore, Jr., and Herbert Marcuse

author: Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore, Jr., Herbert Marcuse


An Essay on Liberation

book by Herbert Marcuse

author: Herbert Marcuse


Counterrevolution and Revolt

book by Herbert Marcuse

author: Herbert Marcuse


Reason and Revolution

book by Herbert Marcuse

author: Herbert Marcuse, Karl Marx



author: Herbert Marcuse



Repressive Tolerance

Essay von Herbert Marcuse

author: Herbert Marcuse

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