Albertus Magnus

1200 - 1280

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

languages spoken, written or signed:  LatinGerman
occupation:  philosophertheologian

Albertus Magnus (c. 1200 – 15 November 1280), also known as Saint Albert the Great, Albert of Swabia or Albert of Cologne, was a German Dominican friar, philosopher, scientist, and bishop. Canonized in 1931 as a Catholic saint, he was known during his lifetime as Doctor universalis and Doctor expertus; late in his life the sobriquet Magnus was appended to his name. Scholars such as James A. Weisheipl and Joachim R. Söder have referred to him as the greatest German philosopher and theologian of the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church distinguishes him as one of the 37 (as of 2023) Doctors of the Church. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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