James Wyatt cover

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James Wyatt

American game designer

1968   -  

country of citizenship: United States of America
educated at: Oberlin College, Union Theological Seminary
occupation: novelist, role-playing game designer

James Wyatt (ca. 1968/1969) is a game designer and a former United Methodist minister. He works for Wizards of the Coast, where he has designed several award-winning supplements and adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) roleplaying game. He is the author of several sci-fi and fantasy novels, including several Forgotten Realms books, and the 4th edition Dungeon Master's Guide.
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Arms and Equipment Guide

book by Jon Pickens

author: Jon Pickens, James Wyatt


Defenders of the Faith

book by James Wyatt

author: James Wyatt


Pyramid of Shadows

book by James Wyatt

author: James Wyatt, Mike Mearls


Storm Dragon

book by James Wyatt

author: James Wyatt


Magic of Incarnum

book by James Wyatt

author: James Wyatt


Heroes of the Fallen Lands

book by Bill Slavicsek

author: Bill Slavicsek, James Wyatt


Oriental Adventures

author: James Wyatt

Dragon war

author: James Wyatt

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