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Hugo Preuß

German politician (1860-1925)

1860   -   1925

country of citizenship: Germany
languages spoken, written or signed: German
educated at: Frederick William University, Humboldt University of Berlin, Heidelberg University
occupation: politician, jurist, pedagogue, university teacher, author
position held: Member of Landtag of Prussia, Reichsminister des Innern

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Hugo Preuß (Preuss) (28 October 1860 – 9 October 1925) was a German lawyer and liberal politician. He was the author of the draft version of the constitution that was passed by the Weimar National Assembly and came into force in August 1919. He based it on three principles: all political authority belongs to the people; that the state should be organized on a federal basis; and that the Reich should form a democratic Rechtsstaat (state based in law) within the international community.
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    • Die kommunale Selbstverwaltung in Deutschland

      article in: Handbuch der Politik

      author: Hugo Preuß

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