Stanislaus Hosius cover

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Stanislaus Hosius

Catholic cardinal (1504-1579)

1504   -   1579

country of citizenship: Royal Prussia, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
languages spoken, written or signed: Latin, Polish
educated at: University of Bologna, University of Padua, Jagiellonian University
occupation: writer, Catholic priest, poet, diplomat
position held: cardinal, Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals, Catholic bishop, king's secretary at the Polish court, diocesan bishop, Apostolic Nuncio to Emperor, bishop, Grand Secretary of the Crown

Stanislaus Hosius (Polish: Stanisław Hozjusz; 5 May 1504 – 5 August 1579) was a Polish Roman Catholic cardinal. From 1551 he was the Prince-Bishop of the Bishopric of Warmia in Royal Prussia and from 1558 he served as the papal legate to the Holy Roman Emperor's Imperial Court in Vienna, Austria. From 1566 he was also the papal legate to Poland. He is designated a Servant of God.
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