Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing B.V. was a video game publisher established in 2005 by industry veterans. With its head office in Haarlem, The Netherlands and a satellite office in Montreal, Canada, the company grew quickly and went on to establish offices in Toronto, Canada, and London, England. The company was best known for publishing iconic titles such as the Sword of the Stars series, the Ship Simulator series and many other critically acclaimed titles. The company was also the publisher of German Publisher dtp, in Scandinavia, UK and North America. In 2008 the company was acquired by the Canadian publicly traded company SilverBirch, in a cash transaction on 31 July 2008. SilverBirch was unable to survive the credit crisis of 2008 and was eventually forced into bankruptcy. As a fully owned subsidiary, Lighthouse Interactive was also closed. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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