Fūtarō Yamada

Japanese novelist

1922   -   2001

country of citizenship: Japan
language of expression: Japanese
educated at: Tokyo Medical University
occupation: lexicographer, linguist, novelist, writer, physician
award received: Kikuchi Kan Prize, 日本ミステリー文学大賞

Futaro Yamada (山田 風太郎, Yamada Fūtarō, January 4, 1922 – July 28, 2001) was the pen name of Seiya Yamada (山田 誠也, Yamada Seiya), a Japanese author. He was born in Yabu, Hyogo. In 1947, he wrote a mystery short story Daruma-tōge no Jiken (達磨峠の事件, lit. "The Incident on Dharma Pass") and was awarded a prize by the magazine Houseki (宝石). He was discovered by Edogawa Rampo and became a novelist. He wrote many ninja (忍法帖 Ninpōchō series) and mystery stories. Many of his works have been adapted for film, TV, manga, and anime.
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Makai Tenshō

novel by Fūtarō Yamada

author: Fūtarō Yamada


Yagyū Ninpōchō

novel by Fūtarō Yamada

author: Fūtarō Yamada

1962 or 1964

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls

roman van Fūtarō Yamada

author: Fūtarō Yamada

2006 or 1959

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