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Little Tales of Misogyny


Little Tales of Misogyny (1975), German: Kleine Geschichten für Weiberfeinde, is an anthology of short stories by Patricia Highsmith with illustrations by Roland Topor, first published in German language in Switzerland by Diogenes Verlag. It was published by Heinemann in 1977.The 'tales' are notable for their brevity — some comprise only a couple of pages — and macabre, exceedingly downbeat, satirical tone. The underlying theme of each story is the misfortune of women and/or women who destroy themselves or the lives of others, hence the book's title. Each story satirises a specific misogynist stereotype, like the woman who manipulates men with her sexuality in "The Coquette", or one who is viewed solely as a sexual commodity, in "The Mobile Bed-Object".
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original title: Ιστορίες για μισογύνηδες
date of publication: 1975 or 1982


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