Paulo Evaristo Arns

Brazilian archbishop, cardinal and theologian

1921   -   2016

movement: Liberation theology
country of citizenship: Brazil
educated at: University of Paris
occupation: cardinal, Catholic priest
award received: Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award, Nansen Refugee Award, Grand Officer of the Order of the Sun of Peru‎, Ordem do Mérito Cultural
position held: cardinal, archbishop, Catholic bishop

Paulo Evaristo Arns OFM (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈpawlu evaˈɾistu ˈaɾns]; 14 September 1921 – 14 December 2016) was a Brazilian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church, who was made a Cardinal and the Archbishop of São Paulo by Pope Paul VI, and later became Cardinal Protopriest of the Roman Catholic Church. His ministry began with a quiet twenty-year academic career, but when charged with responsibility for the Sao Paulo Archdiocese he proved a relentless opponent of Brazil's military dictatorship and its use of torture as well as an advocate for the poor and a vocal defender of liberation theology. In his later years he openly criticized the way Pope John Paul II governed the Catholic Church through the Roman Curia and questioned his teaching on priestly celibacy and other issues.
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