Lucky Dog


Lucky Dog by Leo Butler is a play which premiered in the upstairs Jerwood Theatre of Royal Court in 2004. It was directed by James Macdonald, and featured Linda Bassett and Alan Williams in the lead roles. Butler has said that he was inspired by the image of a woman turning into a dog and had the title and that image long before the play or narrative. He says that he had written several scenes involving that image and title before he found the Christmas setting and found he could write the play.The play is split in half with the first part of the action being set a Christmas time in Sheffield and the second almost silent part abroad a year later. It centers on an older married couple Eddie and sue and the bitterness and desperation that comes into their marriage once their son has left home. The central event to the play is where Sue acts like their dog snarling and growling at her husband.Linda Bassett was awarded Best Actress for the play at the 2004 TMA Theatre Awards
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