Manifold: Origin


Manifold: Origin (2001) is a science fiction novel by British author Stephen Baxter, the third instalment in the Manifold Trilogy. As with the other books, the protagonist Reid Malenfant is put through a scenario dealing with the Fermi paradox. Each novel is an alternative scenario rather than a chronological sequel, and does not occur in the same universe. Manifold: Origin explores primate evolution to create an explanation for our lack of contact with other intelligent species. The scenario begins when a portal appears in the sky and transports a select few individuals including Malenfant's wife to a new red moon which has appeared in place of the moon we know. Blaming himself, Malenfant launches a mission to find his wife and solve the Fermi Paradox once and for all.
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part of the series: Manifold Trilogy
original title: Manifold: Origin
language: English
date of publication: 2001
genre: science fiction novel
follows: Manifold: Space
followed by: Phase Space

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