La Mort de Balzac


La Mort de Balzac (The Death of Balzac) by Octave Mirbeau is a collection of three sub-chapters that were initially intended to appear in Mirbeau’s La 628-E8, in November 1907, but were then withdrawn at the last moment at the request of the 80-year daughter of Madame Hanska, the Countess of Mniszech. La Mort de Balzac was published by Pierre Michel and Jean-François Nivet in 1989, in the Editions du Lerot, and then in 1999, in the Editions du Félin. Published at « the expenses of an admirer », in earlier edition, limited to 250 copies, the three sub-chapters had appeared in 1918 under the title Balzac. English translation : The Death of Balzac, Snuggly Books, 2018, 92 pages. Translated by Brian Stableford.
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date of publication: 1989
genre: essay

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