Siku Quanshu


The Siku Quanshu, variously translated as the Complete Library in Four Sections, Imperial Collection of Four, Emperor's Four Treasuries, Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature, or Complete Library of the Four Treasuries, is the largest collection of books in Chinese history. The complete encyclopedia contains an annotated catalogue of 10,680 titles along with a compendiums of 3,593 titles. The Siku Quanshu ended up surpassing the Ming dynasty's 1403 Yongle Encyclopedia in size, which was China's largest encyclopedia prior to the creation of the Siku Quanshu.
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original title: 四庫全書, ᡩᡠᡳᠨᠨᠠᠮᡠᠨ ᡳᠶᠣᡠᠨᡳᠪᡳᡨᡥᡝ
date of publication: 1773

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