Liu An

Han dynasty scholar

178   -   121

country of citizenship: Han dynasty
language of expression: Chinese
occupation: cartographer, geographer, prince, politician

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Liú Ān (Chinese: 劉安, c. 179–122 BC) was a Han dynasty Chinese prince and an advisor to his nephew, Emperor Wu of Han (武帝). He is best known for editing the (139 BC) Huainanzi compendium of Daoist, Confucianist, Buddhist and Legalist teachings and for supposedly inventing tofu. Early texts represent Liu An in three ways: the "author-editor of a respected philosophical symposium", the "bumbling rebel who took his life to avoid arrest", and the successful Daoist adept who transformed into a xian and "rose into the air to escape prosecution for trumped-up charges of treason and flew to eternal life."
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Summons for a Recluse

poem written by Liu An

author: Liu An


author: Liu An

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