Bai Renfu cover

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Bai Renfu


1226   -   1306

country of citizenship: Yuan Empire
occupation: poet, playwright, erudite, ci lyric writer

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Bai Renfu (Chinese: 白仁甫; pinyin: Bái Rénfǔ; Wade–Giles: Pai Jen-fu or Po Jen-fu, c. 1226−1306), also known as Bai Pu (Chinese: 白朴; pinyin: Bái Pǔ; Wade–Giles: Pai P'u or Po P'u), was a renowned Chinese playwright of the Yuan Dynasty. He wrote 16 plays, three of which are extant: Over the Wall (裴少俊牆頭馬上 Péi Shǎo Jùn Qiáng Tóu Mǎ Shàng) Rain on the Paulownia Tree (唐明皇秋夜梧桐雨 Táng Míng Huáng Qiū Yè Wú Tóng Yǔ) about Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang Guifei: Romance of the East Wall (董秀英花月東牆記 Dǒng Xiù Yīng Huā Yuè Dōng Qiáng Jì)
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