Allen Lowrie

Australian botanist

1948   -  

country of citizenship: Australia
occupation: botanist

Allen Lowrie (born 1948) is a West Australian botanist. He is recognised for his expertise on the genera Drosera and Stylidium.Lowrie, originally a businessman and inventor, first experienced the carnivorous flora of western Australia in the late sixties and studied it as an amateur. Over time, his hobby turned into a profession and Lowrie discovered and described numerous species (especially Drosera, Byblis and Utricularia), partly together with Neville Marchant. From 1987 to 1998 he published Carnivorous Plants of Australia in three volumes; a fourth is in the making. Lowrie lives in Duncraig, a Perth suburb, is married and has two daughters.
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Four new species of Stylidium (Stylidiaceae) from the Kimberley region of Western Australia ( 2015 )

scientific article

author: Russell Lindsay Barrett, Matthew David Barrett, Kevin Francis Kenneally, Allen Lowrie

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