Huang Hsin-chieh cover

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Huang Hsin-chieh

Taiwanese politician (1938–1999)

1938   -   1999

country of citizenship: Taiwan
educated at: National Taiwan University
occupation: politician
position held: Member of the Legislative Yuan, Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party

Huang Hsin-chieh (Chinese: 黃信介; 20 August 1928 – 30 November 1999) was a Taiwanese politician, Taipei city council member, National Assembly representative, Legislative Yuan legislator, publisher of Formosa Magazine and Taiwan Political Theory magazine (台灣政論), senior Dangwai Leader, third chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and senior adviser to the president of the Republic of China. He was born on August 20, 1928 during the period when Taiwan was under Japanese governance also known to the Japanese as the Japan governance period of Taiwan and was fluent in Japanese and Taiwanese. He married Chang Yueh-ching (張月卿) in 1954 and had four children and adopted sons. They lived in a modest residence on Chongqing N. Rd in Datong District, Taipei City for over three decades. On November 30, 1999, he died of a heart attack in Taipei at the age of 71. He was buried in Bali District,President Lee Teng-hui on January 18, 2000 awarded Huang Hsin-chieh the posthumous citation for activities to promote political reform, nation building, and democracy advancement.Lee's successor Chen Shui-bian established a memorial lecture at the Ketagalan Institute in Huang Hsin-chieh's memory to promote deeper democracy through lectures ranging from constitutional reform to China-Taiwan-US relations.
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