Huang Zunxian

Qing dynasty official, scholar, and writer

1848   -   1905

country of citizenship: Qing dynasty
occupation: poet, diplomat
position held: ambassador

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Huang Zunxian (simplified Chinese: 黄遵宪; traditional Chinese: 黃遵憲; pinyin: Huáng Zūnxiàn; Wade–Giles: Huang Tsun-hsien, May 29, 1848 – March 28, 1905), courtesy name Gongdu (公度), was a Chinese official, scholar, and writer, active during the late Qing dynasty. As a poet, he published more than a hundred poems. He was born in Jiayingzhou, now Mei County, Guangdong, and died 57 years later in the same place. His game-changing contributions to China made him a recognised figure of his time, and a namesake foundation has been established in his honour. Huang's former residence is now marked as a public museum.
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