Hwandan Gogi


Hwandan Gogi (Hangul: 환단고기; Hanja: 桓檀古記), also called Handan Gogi, is a compilation of texts on ancient Korean history. It is a bound volume of four supposedly historical records: Samseonggi, Dangun Segi, Bukbuyeogi and Taebaek Ilsa. According to its introduction, the text was compiled in 1911 by Gye Yeon-su (계연수, 桂延壽; ? – 1920) and supervised by Yi Gi (이기, 李沂; 1848 \–1909). The entire set of texts, of which the only extant version is a modern transcription by Yi Yu-rip published in 1979, is widely regarded as a forgery among academics.
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