Nathaniel Gottfried Leske

German natural scientist and geologist

1751   -   1786

educated at: University of Freiburg
occupation: geologist, naturalist, economist, university teacher, entomologist

Nathanael Gottfried Leske (22 October 1751 in Muskau – 25 November 1786 in Marburg) was a German natural scientist and geologist. After his studies at Bergakademie of Freiberg in Saxony and the Franckeschen Stiftungen in Halle, Leske became a special professor of natural history at the University of Leipzig in 1775. From 1777-1786 he taught economics at this university, and in 1786 he was called to the chair of financial science and economics at the University of Marburg. However, he had a fatal accident on his way to Marburg. Throughout his life Leske corresponded with his teacher and close friend of Abraham Gottlob Werner, famous geologist and mineralogist at Weimar. He also edited the Leipziger Magazin zur Naturkunde, Mathematik und Oekonomie (1781-1789) with Christlieb Benedict Funk and Carl Friedrich Hindenburg. Leske possessed an extensive mineral and natural history collection called the Leskean Cabinet, which was arranged after his death by Dietrich Ludwig Gustav Karsten and later, in 1792, sold to the Dublin Society. The collection included other natural history specimens many from the collections of Johann Friedrich Gmelin and Johan Christian Fabricius. These specimens are now in the National Museum of Ireland.
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