Raoul de Houdenc

1175 - 1230
movement:  classical music
country of citizenship:  France
native language:  French
languages spoken, written or signed:  French
occupation:  poetwritercomposer

Raoul de Houdenc (or Houdan; c. 1165–c. 1230) was the French author of the Arthurian romance Meraugis de Portlesguez and possibly La Vengeance Raguidel. Modern scholarship suggests he is probably to be identified with one Radulfus from Hodenc-en-Bray. Raoul de Houdenc was esteemed as a master poet in the ranks of Chrétien de Troyes by Huon de Méry (Tournoiement de l’Antéchrist, 1226). Source: Wikipedia (en)


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