Sergei Tretyakov cover

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Sergei Tretyakov

Russian writer-artist

1892   -   1937 or 1939

movement: futurism
country of citizenship: Russian Empire, Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, Soviet Union
languages spoken, written or signed: Russian
educated at: Moscow State University
occupation: playwright, writer, poet, screenwriter, contributing editor, artist, journalist

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Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov (Russian: Серге́й Миха́йлович Третьяко́в; 20 June 1892, Goldingen, Courland Governorate (modern day Kuldīga, Latvia) – September 10, 1937, Moscow) was a Soviet Russian constructivist writer, playwright, poet, and special correspondent for Pravda.
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I Want a Baby

play written by Sergei Tretyakov

author: Sergei Tretyakov

Gas Masks

play by Sergei Tretyakov

author: Sergei Tretyakov


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