Asher ben Jehiel

Rabbi and Talmudist

1250   -   1327

occupation: theologian, rabbi, philosopher
student of: Meir ben Baruch

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Asher ben Jehiel (Hebrew: אשר בן יחיאל, or Asher ben Yechiel, sometimes Asheri) (1250 or 1259 – 1327) was an eminent rabbi and Talmudist best known for his abstract of Talmudic law. He is often referred to as Rabbenu Asher, “our Rabbi Asher” or by the Hebrew acronym for this title, the Rosh (רא"ש, literally "Head"). His yahrzeit is on the 9 Cheshvan.
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Шимуша раба

book by Asher ben Jehiel

author: Asher ben Jehiel

Tosefot HaRosh

Book written by the Rabbi Asher ben Jehiel.

author: Asher ben Jehiel

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