first publication date:  1987
part of the series:  The Courtney Novels series
original title:  Rage
original language:  English
followed by:  A Time to Die

Rage is a 1987 novel by Wilbur Smith set in the Union of South Africa, immediately following World War II. It starts in 1952 and goes until the late 1960s, touching on the country's declaration of a republic and the subsequent Sharpeville Massacre. The plot centers around Shasa Courtney and black resistance leader Moses Gama.Smith described it at the time as "the most onerous book I have ever written... and also the biggest book" because of its subject matter.At the time of its publication it was the longest South African novel with the paperback having 626 pages. The previous record holder had been Madge Swindells' 1983 novel Summer Harvest, which had 26 fewer pages. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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