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Gaetano Salvemini

Italian politician (1873-1957)

1873   -   1957

country of citizenship: Italy, United States of America, Kingdom of Italy
language of expression: Italian
educated at: University of Florence
occupation: politician, historian of the modern age, historian, academic, university teacher
award received: Serena Medal
position held: member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Italy

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Gaetano Salvemini (Italian pronunciation: [ɡaeˈtaːno salˈvɛːmini]; 8 September 1873 – 6 September 1957) was an Italian anti-fascist politician, historian and writer. Born in a family of modest means, he became an acclaimed historian both in Italy and abroad, in particular in the United States, after he was forced into exile by Mussolini's Fascist regime. Initially engaging with the Italian Socialist Party, he later adhered to an independent humanitarian socialism, while maintaining a commitment to radical political and social reform throughout his life. Salvemini offered significant leadership to political refugees in the United States. His prolific writings shaped the attitudes of U.S. policymakers during and after the Second World War. His transatlantic exile experience endowed him with new insights and a fresh perspective to explain the rise of fascism, while shaping the memory of the war and political life in Italy after 1945. He advocated a third way between Communists and Christian Democracy for post-war Italy.
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Il ministro della mala vita

Saggio politico di Gaetano Salvemini contro Giovanni Giolitti

author: Gaetano Salvemini


Per la riforma elettorale

author: Gaetano Salvemini

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