Kurt von Morgen cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Kurt von Morgen

German soldier (1858-1928)

1858   -   1928

country of citizenship: Germany, German Empire
languages spoken, written or signed: German
occupation: explorer, politician, military personnel, military officer, scientific collector
award received: Pour le Mérite, Officer of the Order of the White Eagle, Order of Saint Michael, Friedrich Order, Order of the Red Eagle, Order of the Crown, Iron Cross, Order of the Zähringer Lion, Order of the Crown, Order of Military Merit, Order of the Double Dragon, Order of Orange-Nassau, Order of the Crown, Imtiyaz Medal, Order of Osmanieh, Order of the Medjidie, Hanseatic Cross

Curt Ernst von Morgen (1 November 1858 in Neiße – 15 February 1928 in Lübeck) was a Prussian explorer and officer, later General of Infantry during World War I. He was a recipient of Pour le Mérite with Oak Leaves.
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